Save Our Ponds is a new campaign to keep access to the bathing ponds on Hampstead Heath free from compulsory charging by the City of London Corporation (CoLC). It aims to: 
●   Sustain the unique ethos, culture and open access of the bathing ponds in perpetuity.
  Reverse the CoLC’s recent anti-democratic decision to impose compulsory payment at the bathing ponds, and take away a historic common law right of free access to all parts of the Heath.  
  Secure reopening of the bathing ponds with effective voluntary payment options, and without the use of intrusive data surveillance technology to tag swimmers.
Save Our Ponds is a campaign by Forum ’71 –  a bold independent initiative run by volunteers. The Forum takes its’ name from the Hampstead Heath Act of 1871 which defines the Heath as a public open space ‘that should forever remain unenclosed’.
This campaign is supported by many swimmers from all ponds
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In the longer term, Forum ’71 also aims to: 
  Develop a future community management model where all three bathing ponds are held in trust, to be run with full transparency and for the benefit of all Londoners – in keeping with the Mayor’s strategy to tackle health inequalities, and efforts to make London a ‘National Park City’.
  Work towards the recognition of Hampstead Heath as a legal entity with defined ‘Rights of Personhood’ – to protect it from commercial exploitation and rent extraction.  

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