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Ham & High coverage of May 16th demo

Not the most inviting weather but a good, committed turnout. Many thanks to those from all three bathing ponds who ventured across the heath with us to spread the message that compulsory charges have GOT TO GO!

Covenants on the land in the Hampstead Heath Act of 1871 – this year being its 150th anniversary – protect the area from enclosure and being ‘built upon’. The infrastructure for enforced entry payment is tantamount to enclosure, we believe. The ponds are not a ‘recreational facility’ as the City of London Corporation maintain. They are natural resource in open space for non-sportive bathing, leisurely chats and quiet contemplation.

Read Ham & High Express coverage of our demo

Watch our mini-gig courtesy of singer/songwriter and heath habitue Ilana Lorraine who last summer created a lockdown support lounge on an area of land by the boating lake, Millfield Lane. Many thanks Ilana for your support.

Please also read important background information on the ‘City Offset’ – a de facto tax break enjoyed by @citycorpheath. It can’t be emphasised enough how tasteless, undemocratic and unnecessary the compulsory charges are.


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