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SOP successfully launch direct action at Parli Hill

Watch ITN’s coverage of our inaugural direct action

For several hours on Sunday afternoon July 26th, Forum ’71 S.O.P. activists canvassed hundreds of people on Hampstead Heath including local MP and leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer. Many we met were unaware of the City of London’s decision to impose charges to access the historic bathing ponds. Others were broadly supportive of compulsory charges – believing crowds cannot be controlled in any other way – but were soon dissuaded from this viewpoint when they learned of the City’s shabby consultation process, its’ vast wealth and trashing of common land rights of access enshrined in the Hampstead Heath Act of 1871.

We are intending to hold demos, direct actions, flashmobs and more every fortnight.
Next dates: August 8th and 22nd.

Come on board.

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