Petition is now LIVE!

Sign and share the Save Our Ponds petition across all channels. We are calling on The Corporation to end compulsory charges at our ponds.
Read our manifesto to learn more about our future-proofing vision for the ponds.
Many thanks.

One reply on “Petition is now LIVE!”

This pond has been the cause of much healing in my life. When speaking to others I’ve also discovered it’s been a cure to their anxiety and depression as it has been to mine.
People who suffer with anxiety or depression don’t predict when they’ll have an attack or feel down so it’s hard to book a slot when a natural pond should be open to the public. If a small cover charge is needed then so be it. As long as it goes to the guards who keep our pond tidy and keep an eye over us.
I know Many different people who went through some extreme hardship in their lives and they came here for natural healing, meditation, excersise, bonding, Whatever so be it! They all felt it was a place of solace.

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